Canine Actors in Georgia

Looking for a WELL-TRAINED dog or two to be in your next commercial or TV show in Georgia? Then you’ve come to the right place! Ohana Dog Show provides some of the best talent when it comes to finding canine actors in Georgia!

Canine Actors in Florida

In addition to performing at events, parties, and fundraisers in Georgia, The Ohana Dog show stars Stoke and Tiki are also available for animal acting opportunities! These dogs are well-socialized and trained, and they are also used to demonstrating their skills in a variety of different environments when performing all around our home state of Florida. This is a valuable skill that will easily transfer over to both acting and film opportunities.

Our canine actors in Georgia are skilled in a variety of different fields.

Both Stoke and Tiki have been trained to perform in front of audiences who go wild with delight when they see what these dogs are capable of. They also have both been trained to do not only amazing tricks and stunts but also know how to go to a target on command so they can work from a distance. Additionally, they also both know how to do agility and catch frisbees. Although Ohana Dog Show is not based in Georgia, we would be willing to travel for acting opportunities and only charge a small travel fee.

What kind of tricks do our canine actors in Georgia excel at?

So many tricks! While Tiki knows over one hundred tricks and other behaviors, Stoke knows over eighty and is working on learning more every week. Just some of their most basic tricks include spinning around in circles (left and right), pulling a rope to open a door or mailbox, hugging each other, and crossing their paws. However, this is only a  short list doesn’t begin to encompass nearly all the tricks our dogs know and excel at!

Interested in hiring us as your canine actors in Georgia, then here’s how to get started!

Our dogs’ well-being is always our number one priority here at Ohana. If you are interested in having one or both of our Border Collies for one of your projects, you can contact us by calling now for payment details or you can click this link to see a resume of each dog’s individual tricks and abilities.

You can contact us now about our canine actors in Georgia by calling 813-344-2264 now.