Dogs Aloud Performance Group

Hello everyone!

If you’re reading this message, it is more than likely because you have an interest in joining my new concept for a group of positive dog trainers who perform tricks and stunts for local events! I have been calling this group “Dogs Aloud” and it will be made up of trainers and performers from all different backgrounds. if I already added you to our Facebook group, then it means I think you and your dog may have what it takes to be performers.

Even if your dog knows minimal tricks, we will also be providing demonstrations for both agility and disc. So if your dog is skilled in ANY of these fields, you may have an interest in joining! This concept is somewhat fashioned after both The Canine Stars and Stunt Dog Productions. However, the only difference is that we would ONLY be performing at events in Florida, so less travel would be required.

Additionally, I have experience performing with my own dogs at a few events myself. These events include birthday parties, dog carnivals, baseball games and more! However, it is becoming hard as I am only one person and if I would like to continue to grow as a trainer and put on bigger and better shows, I will need more people and their pups to join my team of stunt dogs. I am also willing to give free online coaching / mentor anyone who is willing to join our team.

Do you think you and your dog have what it takes? Then please send me an email directly to describing why you both should be added to the team. Attaching a video is preferred, but isn’t required.

Looking forward to receiving your email!

Best Wishes,

Cassie Kennedy ABCDT

(Pro Trick & Stunt Dog Trainer)