Ohana Dog Show compared to The Soccer Collies

We are often asked what is the difference between our show and the Soccer Collies 

The Soccer Collies is a really cool show where you can watch smart Border Collies playing soccer together. However, our Border Collies, Stoke and Tiki,  perform a variety of different tricks and stunts that will leave your audience amazed and begging for more! Some of the tricks that our dogs can do include vaulting off their trainer, packing up a suitcase, riding a skateboard, and even doing a walking handstand. Your guests will be in awe when they watch Stoke roll a barrel as Tiki weaves in and out of it.

The Soccer Collies

The Soccer Collies is a fun show, however, we offer a different kind of show.

Of course, their list of tricks doesn’t stop there. Tiki knows over a hundred complex tricks that will keep your audience on the edge of their seat. Although the Soccer Collies may be skilled at scoring goals and playing with the audience, Stoke and Tiki are experienced in multiple fields! Both dogs are highly trained in both the “fields” of tricks and agility. They even are skilled at catching flying discs, too! However, we do not allow the audience to engage our dogs while performing at events so they are able to focus on their trainer. The Ohana Dog Show is conveniently located in Florida just like the Soccer Collies hence the confusion. Like the Soccer Collies, we are also willing to travel to entertain audiences of all ages all around the state.

the soccer collies

While the Soccer Collies are good at scoring goals, the Ohana Dog Show is great at scoring hearts.

This page has merely been created to help eliminate the confusion associated between The Soccer Collies and The Ohana Dog Show. While both events feature some amazing Border Collies who love to perform, we are in fact not the same show. If you’re still looking for The Soccer Collies, you can find their website by clicking here while booking details for The Ohana Dog Show can be found here.

The Soccer Collies