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Get the Bouncy House, Popcorn Machine, and then a Dog Trick Show for Birthday Party Entertainment! 

Birthday Party Entertainment for Kids in Westchase Florida

You may have already booked the bouncy house or the inflatable wet slide. Perhaps you have even added on the snow-cone machine and circus size popcorn popper? When the kids are tuckered out after all of that, it’s the perfect time for a dog trick show! Kids love watching a dog who knows how to sit or fetch but when they see one jumping through hoops, recycling plastic bottles, or riding their skateboard, they will go wild with delight.

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Kids and Dogs… a timeless love affair that never goes out of style. Birthday Party Entertainment for Kids in Tampa Bay.

You see, these dogs were born and bred to work – so performing in front of an audience is most definitely one of their favorite activities. When the crowd cheers, it is obvious to see the dog’s expressions light up as well. They know that they’re little celebrities!

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After all…”Ohana Means Family!”

Likewise, The Ohana Dog Show specializes in providing the best live entertainment direct to your party and/or event. Everyone who has ever loved a dog knows just how much fun it is to watch a dog who can do tricks. When you meet the stars of the Ohana Dog Show, how can you not be dazzled by their skills and instantly fall in love?

Meet “Tiki

Tiki is an eight year old Australian Red Border Collie from show lines and she loves to learn and perform. Although this sweet girl might be getting a bit older, she is still smart as a whip! When Tiki performs at your event, she can do amazing tricks like ride her skateboard, jump through hoops, nail 360-degree vaults off of her trainer, moonwalking, and even dispose of plastic bottles into a recycling bin.

And “Stoke

Stoke, is a six year old Black Tricolor Border Collie, and he knows a few tricks himself. Children look on in delight as they watch Stoke show off his skills at running agility as he jumps over hurdles and dashes through tunnels on command. He also is a professional at catching those flying discs or jumping through the arms of his trainer, Cassie.. Stoke is truly an athletic performer (and we think he’s quite the looker, too)! At the end of the show, the birthday boy or girl may request to have a chance to get their picture taken with Stoke at the discretion of our trainer.

Introducing Our Newest Addition…”Renegade“!

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