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Birthday Party Entertainment for Kids in Westchase Florida

The Ohana Dog Show is a family-owned and operated trick and stunt dog show based in Plant City, Florida.  We specialize in providing educational entertainment for a variety of different events such as fundraisers, carnivals, birthday parties & more! Audiences everywhere will be captivated and thrilled by Cassie Kennedy and her team of talented performers. Our amazing Border Collie trio has been trained to perform tricks, agility, freestyle, disc and more soon to come! We specialize in making people of all ages smile. You can book The Ohana Dog Show to perform at your event right now simply by clicking the link here, It’s a doggone good time!

Ohana Dog Show
Picture courtesy of Karah Rice Photography

Kids and Dogs… a timeless love affair that never goes out of style. Birthday Party Entertainment for Kids in Tampa Bay.

You can bring a private dog trick demonstration to your child’s birthday party by booking today! Kids love watching a dog who knows how to sit or fetch but when they see Tiki jumping through hoops, recycling plastic bottles, and riding her skateboard, they go wild with delight. Stoke comes in after that demonstrating his athletic abilities jumping 3-foot hurdles and dashing through a 20-foot tunnel, and more. Again, just good wholesome fun burned into childhood memories that last a lifetime. Scroll below to meet our dogs!

Marquee Glowing Tiki Torch TKA ITD NSD BFD CGC

AKA “Tiki”!

Tiki is a nine year old Australian Red Border Collie from show lines and she loves to learn and perform. Although this sweet girl might be getting a bit older, she is still smart as a whip and tricks are just her favorite! When Tiki performs at your event, she can do amazing tricks like ride her skateboard and literally jump through hoops. She is a one in a million kind of girl.


AKA “Stoke”!

Stoke is a seven year old Black Tricolor Border Collie, and he knows a few tricks himself. Children look on in delight as they watch Stoke show off his skills at running agility as he jumps over hurdles and dashes through tunnels on command. He also is great at catching flying discs. Stoke is truly an athletic performer and a very special boy himself.

Renegade Riptide TKI ITD NSD CGC

AKA “Ren”!


Ren is a one year old Red Tricolor Border Collie from working lines, and is showing so much promise already! This boy loves to play with his disc and learning new tricks. We call him “The Dog Who Was Born To Fly”!

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